Decentral Games Newsletter #4

Weekly Update - February 14, 2021

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Decentral Games Newsletter! Our objective is to keep the Decentral Games community informed regarding upcoming events, news, product updates, and governance proposals. If you’re interested in learning more about Decentral Games, join our Discord and follow our Twitter.

Last Week’s Summary

The Decentral Games DAO treasury grew from $1.8 million USD to $2.4 million USD, and the first governance vote to allocate gameplay treasury funds passed!

22.5% of the gameplay treasury will be moved into ETH and matched with equivalent $DG to provide liquidity in the Uniswap ETH-DG pool. An additional 22.5% will be allocated to earn a yield on DAI with specifics to be finalized in a subsequent proposal. Join the dialogue here.

Last week, we completed the following:

Monday, February 8

  • Deployed DG Governance Forum to better track community discussion/debate

  • Live auctioned the first $DG Animated Short Film NFT ‘Degen Pepe’ for 4.2 ETH ($7,000 USD)! | Tweet

  • Hosted a FREE PLAY Casino Night featuring a DJ set and $650+ USD in prizes | Tweet

Tuesday, February 9

  • Increased Uniswap ETH-DG LP Rewards from 600 to 1,000 DG per week, and removed Balancer MANA-DG and DAI-DG LP Rewards in response to Update LP Rewards Logic Starting 2/9 gov proposal

  • Announced increase in weekly community rewards for a total of $7,000+ USD per week | Blog post

  • Hosted Casino Night featuring a DJ set and $2,400+ USD in prizes | Tweet

Wednesday, February 10

  • $DG DAO Treasury hits $2 million USD! | Tweet

  • Dynamic $DG Gameplay Rewards Rates gov proposal passed, which allows the DG team to adjust gameplay rewards rates in response to market conditions to target half of player’s expected losses

Thursday, February 11

  • Hosted Casino Night featuring a PROBCAUSE set and $2,400+ USD in prizes | Tweet

Friday, February 12

  • Hosted FREE PLAY Casino Night featuring a DJ set and $650+ USD in prizes with WIP Crew | Tweet

  • Finalized slider module for raising a custom bet in poker

Saturday, February 13

  • Treasury Distribution gov proposal passed, which allocates 22.5% of the gameplay treasury for liquidity provision in the Uniswap ETH-DG pool and 22.5% to a DAI yield to be determined

  • Increase Governance Rewards gov proposal passed, which raises $DG governance rewards from 400 DG per week to 1,000 DG per week starting February 23 (for 5 weeks)

  • Added My NFTs tab to account page to display player’s $DG NFTs in wallet

  • Added affiliate link modal to account page and $DG page for easier access


This Week’s Events

Virtual events bring the community together each week to play games, hang out, enjoy live music, discuss $DG governance, and win prizes! Don’t miss out on the following events this week:

Monday, February 15

  • Casino Night with Emanate DJ performance @ 9pm - 10pm UTC featuring $2,400+ USD in prizes | RSVP | Add to Calendar | Hop in

Tuesday, February 16

Wednesday, February 17

  • FREE PLAY Casino Night with WIP Community @ 8:30pm - 9:30pm UTC featuring $650+ USD in prizes | RSVP | Add to Calendar | Hop in

Thursday, February 18

Friday, February 19

  • Casino Night with Emanate DJ performance @ 9pm - 10pm UTC featuring $2,400+ USD in prizes | RSVP | Add to Calendar | Hop in

This Week’s Deliverables

We are focused on the following items this week:

  • Move 22.5% of the gameplay treasury into ETH, match with equivalent $DG, and enter the Uniswap ETH-DG pool as an LP, add UNI V2 ETH-DG token value to treasury dashboard

  • Discuss with community and determine with DAO which DAI yield to use for treasury allocation

  • Optimize roulette and blackjack smoothness/scalability for large events

  • Determine meme competition winners and distribute prizes

  • Add guided website onboard to streamline UX for first time players

  • Prepare poker for closed beta testing next week

Active Governance Proposals

Have a great week! 🚀 $DG

About Decentral Games

Decentral Games is the first DAO-governed metaverse casino. $DG hodlers vote on treasury management, economic policy, and game development to grow and strengthen the $DG ecosystem.

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