Decentral Games Newsletter #33

Weekly Update - September 5, 2021

Welcome to the 33rd edition of the Decentral Games Newsletter! Our objective is to keep our community informed of development progress, DAO treasury performance, and upcoming metaverse events. Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

✅ Last Week’s Summary

Last week Decentral Games announced the development of ICE Poker, a new way for players to earn real money by completing daily challenges and competing against each other in a free-to-play poker game. We also debuted our optimized scoring logic on FREE Play poker by hosting our first new and improved FREE Play tournament.

ICE Poker

ICE will be the free play, play-to-earn token and deflationary in-game currency utilized within the DG ecosystem which will incentivize metaverse poker player liquidity. In order to begin earning ICE, players will first need to obtain at least one exclusive Iced NFT wearable, either through purchase or delegation.

By holding or receiving delegation to a one-of-a-kind Iced NFT, players will be allocated a set amount of Chips, which are used to play ICE Poker. Players earn daily ICE by checking in, completing 3 randomly assigned challenges, and competing with each other for performance multipliers on the daily leaderboard.

As players accrue ICE and XP from ICE Poker gameplay, they can mint increasingly rare NFTs, allotting them higher ICE rewards rates. To upgrade, players burn ICE and XP, pay 0.1 DG, and burn the old NFT.

Higher rank NFTs feature a rarer, more prestigious color and aesthetic, and at the apex level 5, Diamond Hands NFTs are fully golden. 

You can read more here about our plans to launch a play-to-earn metaverse poker game in the ICE Poker whitepaper and the DG blog announcement.

FREE Play Tournament

The new FREE Play accrual and tournament logic went live officially on Monday! Now, new players will start with 1,000 FREE tokens, and there will be no more free top-ups as we’ve allowed in the past.

Going forward, the FREE token accrual process will be based on the amount of time players spend hanging out in the casino. Players will be rewarded with a fixed rate of 5 FREE tokens for every 30 seconds spent on the platform. You can track the accrual process live on the bottom-right of your screen in the new FREE Accrual UI:

Overall, we feel that this change to the FREE incentive structure will result in driving more daily users and concurrent players to the platform. With more players comes a more lively energy, more avatars, auto emotes, and a more memorable experience for first-time players, which will continue to foster loyalty over time. 

For FREE Play tournaments, players looking to start out with the full 5,000 FREE max must farm a bit of FREE prior to the event by being idle in the scene. Additionally, leaderboard scores are now determined by net winnings, as opposed to the sum of total profits of each hand as we’ve done in the past.

📈 DG Yields

You can currently earn yield on your $DG in the following pools:

  • Decentral Games Governance: 20% APY (in $DG) for $DG on Ethereum

  • Uniswap V2: 67% APY (in $DG) for DG-ETH on Ethereum

  • Sushiswap: 28% APY (in SUSHI) for DG-ETH on Ethereum

  • Quickswap: 88% APY (in QUICK) for DG-ETH on Polygon

  • Dinoswap: 121% APY (in DINO) for DG-USDC on Polygon

  • SushiSwap: 70% APY (in SUSHI and WMATIC) for DG-WMATIC on Polygon

💰 Treasury Update

The DG DAO treasury now holds $11.69M USD.

Visit the dashboard to view it in real time. To see how the DG treasury compares with other DAO treasuries, check out Open Org’s top ranked treasuries.

📰 Press

📆 This Week’s Events

Virtual events bring the community together each week to play games, hang out, enjoy live music and win prizes! Make sure to swing by and claim your Decentral Games POAPs at the following events this week:

Monday, Sept 6

  • Crypto Casino Night with DJ performance @ 10pm UTC / 6pm EST, featuring $4,000+ USD in prizes 👉  RSVP | Hop in

Wednesday, Sept 8

  • Cometh Ask Me Anything (AMA) w/ random $DG airdrops @ 3pm UTC / 11am EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Cometh & Friends Meta Party w/ Free PLAY competition @ 4pm UTC / 12pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Chateau Satoshi Crypto Casino Night competition, featuring $2500 USD+ in prizes up for grabs @ 7:30pm UTC / 3:30pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

Thursday, Sept 9

  • The Guild Artist Series featuring Guild Artist Silje Thorn AMA, featuring $600 in random $DG airdrops to participants 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • FREE PLAY Competition - Late Night w/ DG featuring HIP HOP Night w/ DJ Ricky GZ, featuring $400+ USD in prizes @ 6pm PST (1am - 2am UTC) 👉 RSVP | Hop in

Friday, Sept 10

  • FREE Play Casino Competition Asia/Australia with music mixed by DJ Raedo, featuring $400+ USD in prizes @ 1pm UTC / 9am EST
    👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Immerse with Pop RoXxX - With song requests, engaging live entertainment, and FREE PLAY competition featuring $400+ USD in prizes @ 8pm UTC / 4pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Crypto Competition - NFT NIGHT, with DJ performance by Pop RoXxX, featuring a LandVault Genesis NFT & $DG up for grabs @ 9pm UTC / 5pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

Saturday, Sept 11

  • FREE PLAY Casino Night - Noche De Casino - PANAMA @ 10pm UTC / 6pm EST, featuring $400+ USD in prizes 👉  RSVP | Hop in

👉 Check our events page for easy access to upcoming events!

💻 Development Focus

This week, the Decentral Games team is working on:

  • ICE Play-to-Earn Poker gameplay/backend/website development

  • Crypto poker development

  • Improvements to crypto transaction handling

About Decentral Games

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