Decentral Games Newsletter #31

Weekly Update - August 22, 2021

Welcome to the 31st edition of the Decentral Games Newsletter! Our objective is to keep our community informed of development progress, DAO treasury performance, and upcoming metaverse events. Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

✅ Last Week’s Summary

Last week’s development progress included key updates to the website, poker, and free play tournament logic.


The DAO dashboard now features a sleek new interface that better showcases Overview, Treasury Performance, Governance Staking, Gameplay Rewards, and Liquidity Provision:

An improved left menu now allows for easier switching between tabs on the DAO page:

And the Offerings page:

And lastly, this website update also contains a more optimal DAO Treasury breakdown display on mobile.


We’ve continued heavy community testing of crypto poker and our daily events with prizes at the DEXT Poker Lounge. On Friday, we hosted the DinoSwap High Hand Poker Competition with both our communities:

Make sure to swing by for one of our poker tournaments featuring our newest NFT wearables as prizes, including this top hat, high roller kings crown, and more:


Final edits were added to the new FREE Play token accrual gameplay and competition logic before we prepare for the merge to production early this week. This week’s merge also included:

  • Announcement popup improvements, allowing more text space

  • Text color for Roulette bets adjustments for plays with more than 5 bets

  • Addition of a new NFT wearables dispenser in the middle of the Tominoya scene

Additionally, Decentral Games hosted a SnarkySharkz launch party featuring a live performance from resident artist Anjulie on Thursday:

📈 DG Liquidity Yields

Rewards have been added for liquidity in the Sushi DG-WMATIC pool on Polygon! You can currently earn yield on your $DG in the following pools:

  • Uniswap V2: 71% APY (in $DG) for DG-ETH on Ethereum

  • Sushiswap: 54% APY (in SUSHI) for DG-ETH on Ethereum

  • Quickswap: 92% APY (in QUICK) for DG-ETH on Polygon

  • Dinoswap: 114% APY (in DINO) for DG-USDC on Polygon

  • SushiSwap: 92% APY (in SUSHI and WMATIC) for DG-WMATIC on Polygon

  • PancakeSwap: 211% APY (in CAKE) for DG-BNB on BSC

📰 News

💰 Treasury Update

The DG DAO treasury now holds $10.81M USD.

Visit the dashboard to view it in real time. To see how the DG treasury compares with other DAO treasuries, check out Open Org’s top ranked treasuries.

📆 This Week’s Events

Virtual events bring the community together each week to play games, hang out, enjoy live music and win prizes! Make sure to swing by and claim your Decentral Games POAPs at the following events this week:

Monday, Aug 23

  • DG Community Meet Up - Guest Speakers: Gert-Jan Akerboom and SamJ from The Guild artist collective; Topic: NFT & the Arts in the Metaverse, featuring $600 USD in $DG raffles @ 8pm UTC / 4pm EST 👉  RSVP | Hop in

  • Crypto Casino Night with DJ performance by Pop RoXxX @ 10pm UTC / 6pm EST, featuring $4,000+ USD in prizes 👉  RSVP | Hop in

Wednesday, Aug 25

  • ATARI Crypto Casino Night competition with DJ Performance, featuring $2500 USD+ in prizes up for grabs @ 7:30pm UTC / 3:30pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Pentoshi & Friends Meta Party w/ Pudgy Penguin giveaway, and +400 USD in prizes @ 9pm UTC / 5pm EST 👉  RSVP | Hop in

Thursday, Aug 26

  • FREE PLAY Competition - Late Night w/ DG featuring HIP HOP Night with Nicholas Armond @ 6pm PST (1am - 2am UTC) with $400+ USD in prizes 👉  RSVP | Hop in

Friday, Aug 27

  • FREE Play Casino Competition Asia/Australia with DJ Performance by DJ Raedo, featuring $400+ USD in prizes @ 1pm UTC / 9am EST
    👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Immerse with Pop RoXxX - With song requests, engaging live entertainment, and FREE PLAY competition featuring $400+ USD in prizes @ 8pm UTC / 4pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Crypto Casino Night - High Tech, with DJ performance by Nicholas Armond, featuring an Microsoft Surface Pro 7 12.3" and $DG prizes @ 9pm UTC / 5pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

Saturday, Aug 28

  • FREE PLAY Casino Night - Noche De Casino - URUGUAY @ 10pm UTC / 6pm EST, featuring $400+ USD in prizes 👉  RSVP | Hop in

👉 Check our events page for easy access to upcoming events!

💻 Development Focus

This week, the Decentral Games development team is working on:

  • Deploy new FREE Play accrual and competition logic

  • Test MANA and DAI crypto poker and optimize for launch

  • Implement Play-to-Earn gameplay and develop website

About Decentral Games

Decentral Games is a metaverse-native gaming DAO building play-to-earn poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. DG hodlers vote on treasury management, economic policy, and development to grow and strengthen the Decentral Games ecosystem.

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