Decentral Games Newsletter #30

Weekly Update - August 15, 2021

Welcome to the 30th edition of the Decentral Games Newsletter! Our objective is to keep our community informed of development progress, DAO treasury performance, and upcoming metaverse events. Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

✅ Last Week’s Summary

Before diving into this week’s update, we wanted to share a Decentral Games product progress video showcasing the drastic improvements to our metaverse and web products over the last 3 months.

Development Progress

Last week’s development progress included adding poker hand history to the website, improving crypto poker gameplay to prepare for launch, and finalizing the deployment of the new FREE Play gameplay/competition mode logic.


Players may now view their poker hand history by navigating to My Account and selecting History. After clicking on a table entry, a modal displays your hand, table cards, and payout amount/chip to track past hands.


Poker now features an improved on screen announcement of the winner(s) when a side pot is active and a smoother ongoing buy-in experience, which removes the requirement to repeatedly buy into the game at times.


Final edits were added to the new FREE Play token accrual gameplay and competition logic before we prepare for the merge to production early this week. Additionally, optimizations were added to the blackjack splitting pairs logic, ensuring the transaction goes through quicker while playing with crypto.

DG Liquidity Yields

You can currently earn yield on your $DG in the following pools:

  • Uniswap V2: 83% APY (in $DG) for DG-ETH on Ethereum

  • Sushiswap: 66% APY (in SUSHI) for DG-ETH on Ethereum

  • Quickswap: 86% APY (in QUICK) for DG-ETH on Polygon

  • Dinoswap: 172% APY (in DINO) for DG-USDC on Polygon

  • PancakeSwap: 191% APY (in CAKE) for DG-BNB on BSC

📰 News

💰 Treasury Update

The DG DAO treasury now holds $10.41M USD.

For a full breakdown of the DAO treasury, visit this dashboard. To see how the Decentral Games DAO treasury measures up against other DAO treasuries, check out Open Org’s list of top ranked DAO treasuries.

📆 This Week’s Events

Virtual events bring the community together each week to play games, hang out, enjoy live music and win prizes! Make sure to swing by and claim your Decentral Games POAPs at the following events this week:

Monday, Aug 16

  • Crypto Casino Night with DJ performance by Adam Oam @ 9pm UTC / 5pm EST, featuring $4,000+ USD in prizes 👉  RSVP | Hop in

Wednesday, Aug 18

  • ATARI Crypto Casino Night competition with DJ Performance by Adam Oam, featuring $2500 USD+ in prizes up for grabs @ 7:30pm UTC / 3:30pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

Thursday, Aug 19

  • $DG Hodlers Round Table w/ Miles Anthony, Co-Founder of Decentral Games, discussing biweekly updates, featuring $600 USD in $DG raffles@ 7pm UTC / 3pm EST 👉  RSVP | Hop in

  • SnarkySharkz NFT Drop Party w/ live music by Anjulie and NFT giveaways, featuring $400 USD+ in prizes @ 11pm UTC / 7pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • FREE PLAY Competition - Late Night w/ DG featuring HIP HOP Night with DJ Ricky GZ @ 6pm PST (1am - 2am UTC) with $400+ USD in prizes
    👉  RSVP | Hop in

Friday, Aug 20

  • FREE Play Casino Competition Asia/Australia with DJ Performance by DJ Raedo, featuring $400+ USD in prizes @ 1pm UTC / 9am EST
    👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Immerse with Pop RoXxX - With song requests, engaging live entertainment, and FREE PLAY competition featuring $400+ USD in prizes @ 8pm UTC / 4pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Crypto Casino Night - High Tech, with DJ performance by Nicholas Armond, featuring an Unlocked Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB Cell Phone and $DG prizes @ 9pm UTC / 5pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • DinoSwap x Decentral Games High-Hand Poker Tournament with special prizes and giveaways, including prizes awarded to every Flush, Straight, or Full-House @ 12am UTC / 8pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

Saturday, Aug 21

  • FREE PLAY Casino Night - Noche De Casino - CHILE @ 10pm UTC / 6pm EST, featuring $400+ USD in prizes 👉  RSVP | Hop in

Sunday, Aug 22

  • APES 3D BIG Drop Event w/ Dr.Clipz Live Talk Show followed by a live DJ, scavenger hunt across multi-venues, featuring +400 USD in competition prizes @ 9pm UTC / 5pm 👉  RSVP | Hop in

👉 Check our events page for easy access to upcoming events!

💻 Development Focus

This week, the Decentral Games development team is working on:

  • Deploy new FREE Play accrual and competition logic

  • MANA and DAI crypto poker launch

  • New sleek DAO Dashboard on website

  • Play-to-Earn gameplay and website development

About Decentral Games

Decentral Games is a metaverse-native gaming DAO building play-to-earn poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. DG hodlers vote on treasury management, economic policy, and development to grow and strengthen the Decentral Games ecosystem.

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