Decentral Games Newsletter #3

Weekly Update - February 7, 2021

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Decentral Games Newsletter! Our objective is to keep the Decentral Games community informed regarding upcoming events, news, product updates, and governance proposals. If you’re interested in learning more about Decentral Games, join our Discord and follow our Twitter.

Last Week’s Summary

Last week was monumental for the Decentral Games community as our gameplay treasury surpassed $500,000 USD, initiating the second phase of $DG governance. The $DG DAO now governs $1.8 million+ USD of digital assets within a mere 2 months of launch. We are looking forward to seeing how the community proposes to allocate these funds to further grow the Decentral Games ecosystem.

Last week, we completed the following:

Monday, February 1

  • Auctioned CryptoChimp genesis meme NFT ‘Elon Musk inevitable Bitcoin’ live in the casino for 10.5 ETH ($14,000 USD) | Tweet

  • Discussed building the first social 3D metaverse casino with a DAO-governed treasury in an interview on the FTX Podcast | Podcast | Tweet

  • Implemented 500 DAI max bets for blackjack and roulette in response to passed Increase Max Bet governance proposal

  • Implemented new $DG gameplay rewards rates and new roulette mining algorithm in response to passed Update $DG Gameplay Mining Rates governance proposal

  • Optimized temporary memory store to improve performance and speed of games

Tuesday, February 2

  • Partnered with and integrated Connext for instant Matic deposits/withdrawals | Blog post | Tweet

  • Hosted FREE PLAY Casino Night on Tuesday with live Emanate DJ performance | Tweet

  • Auctioned off first DG Milestone NFT ‘$500,000 Gameplay Treasury’ on OpenSea

  • Optimized RPC calls being made from the Decentraland client to avoid rate limitation during larger user loads

Wednesday, February 3

  • Hosted $DG Hodler Round Table discussion to kick of second phase of governance | Tweet

Thursday, February 4

  • Hosted Casino Night + $DG Airdrop featuring live Emanate DJ performance

Friday, February 5

Saturday, February 6

  • Hosted live auction for Slywest’s first Audio Visual NFT | Tweet


This Week’s Events

Virtual events bring the community together each week to play games, hang out, enjoy live music, discuss $DG governance, and win NFT and $DG prizes! Don’t miss out on the following events this week:

Monday, February 8

  • Live Auction finale of the first $DG Animated Short Film NFT ‘Degen Pepe’ @ 7pm - 8pm UTC featuring $200+ USD in $DG prizes | RSVP | Add to Calendar | Hop in

  • FREE PLAY Casino Night @ 11pm - 12am UTC featuring $200+ USD in $DG prizes | RSVP | Add to Calendar | Hop in

Tuesday, February 9

  • Casino Night with Emanate DJ performance @ 9pm - 10pm UTC featuring $2,000+ USD in NFT and $DG prizes | RSVP | Add to Calendar | Hop in

Thursday, February 11

  • Casino Night + $DG Airdrop with live PROBCAUSE DJ performance @ 9pm - 10pm UTC featuring $2,000+ USD in NFT and $DG prizes | RSVP | Add to Calendar | Hop in

Friday, February 12

This Week’s Deliverables

This week, we are focused on the following items:

  • Increase rewards for the Uniswap ETH-DG Pool from 600 DG per week to 1,000 DG per week and remove Balancer LP rewards for MANA-DG and DAI-DG pools following Update LP Rewards Logic Starting 2/9 Gov proposal

  • Optimize roulette and blackjack smoothness/scalability

  • Display player’s $DG NFTs in wallet on the ‘My NFTs’ page on the website

  • Continue development of data visualization dashboard for better analysis of specific game/token data

  • Create governance forum at to better track discussion for gov topics

  • Develop slider module for raising a custom bet in poker

  • Open whitelist signup for Free Play poker beta testing

  • Finish Gitcoin Virtual HQ

  • Judge meme competition

Active Governance Proposals

Have a great week! $DG

About Decentral Games

Decentral Games is a DAO-governed metaverse casino with a novel play-to earn distribution method for $DG. Players earn $DG rewards for playing games, LPs earn $DG for providing liquidity, and stakers earn $DG for governing the casino treasury.

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