Decentral Games Newsletter #29

Weekly Update - August 8, 2021

Welcome to the 29th edition of the Decentral Games Newsletter! Our objective is to keep our community informed of development progress, DAO treasury performance, and upcoming metaverse events. Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

✅ Last Week’s Summary

Last week welcomed the launch of two new partnered casinos in Decentraland powered by the Decentral Games npm package – The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Casino and The Aquarium Casino.

BAYC Casino

With a burgeoning metaverse-native community, Bored Ape Yacht Club is a perfect match for a partnered venue in Decentraland. Their river boat-themed venue features DG poker, roulette, blackjack, and even Ape croupiers, providing a perfect setting for apes to hang out in the metaverse.

The BAYC Casino launch event on Friday boasted 1,200+ attendees, with 400+ concurrent players. We look forward to hosting many more BAYC metaverse events in the future.

Hop in here to check out the BAYC Riverboat scene!

Aquarium Casino

The Aquarium casino was designed, built, and deployed by our close partner Vegas City in return for a revenue share with the DAO paid quarterly. The ocean-themed build features DG roulette and blackjack, as well as some animated fish that swim in tanks throughout the scene.

Hop in here to check out The Aquarium Casino!

DG NPM Package

It was essential to build the DG npm package for internal use to easily keep all DG venues up-to-date following specific game optimizations and additions. However, it has gradually become a compelling and lucrative B2B product, as it enables any metaverse developer to deploy DG white label poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots into their scene in return for a revenue share with the DAO.

Metaverse poker lounges and casinos have become one of the most engaging ways to gather online crypto and NFT communities. Due to the highly scalable nature of our npm package product, we are excited to support many more aligned partners for custom metaverse poker lounges and casinos in the future.

If you are the head of a big online community and you are interested in launching your own metaverse poker lounge or casino, reach out to us on Discord!

Development Updates

Last week’s development progress was focused around poker and the new FREE Play gameplay and competition mode logic.


Heavy testing and continued optimization of MANA and DAI poker gameplay further prepared the game for public launch. We continue to incentivize community poker beta testing with DG/NFT prizes for tournaments at 12pm EST and 8pm EST each day. Sign up in our Discord channel to compete!


The website now features a new and improved top menu navigation for desktop and mobile with improved branding and ease of use.


General development updates and fixes this week included:

  • Corrected issues with Decentraland thumbnails not showing up properly for DEXT and Tominoya scenes

  • Updated DG Headphones clickable link to marketplace in Tominoya

  • Currency selector now adjusts to browser size by sticking to the bottom right hand side of the browser window

Decentral Games also hosted an Autograf live set last Monday:

DG Liquidity Yields

You can currently earn yield on your $DG in the following pools:

  • Uniswap V2: 71% APY (in $DG) for ETH-DG on Ethereum mainnet

  • Sushiswap: 78% APY (in SUSHI) for Mainnet ETH-DG on Ethereum mainnet

  • Quickswap: 157% APY (in QUICK) for ETH-DG on Polygon Network

  • PancakeSwap: 173% APY (in CAKE) for DG-BNB on Binance Smart Chain

🏛 Governance

The Decentral Games DAO recently passed two proposals:

💰 Treasury Update

The DG DAO treasury now holds $9.19M USD.

For a full breakdown of the DAO treasury, visit this dashboard. To see how the Decentral Games DAO treasury measures up against other DAO treasuries, check out Open Org’s list of top ranked DAO treasuries.

📆 This Week’s Events

Virtual events bring the community together each week to play games, hang out, enjoy live music and win prizes! Make sure to swing by and claim your Decentral Games POAPs at the following events this week:

Monday, Aug 9

  • Crypto Casino Night with DJ performance by Adam Oam @ 9pm UTC / 5pm EST, featuring $4,000+ USD in prizes 👉  RSVP | Hop in

Tuesday, Aug 10

  • Meech NFT Showcase of NFT Art & Photography, featuring $400 USD+ in prizes up for grabs @ 10pm UTC / 6pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

Wednesday, Aug 11

  • ATARI Crypto Casino Night competition with DJ Performance by DJ Raedo, featuring $2500 USD+ in prizes up for grabs @ 7:30pm UTC / 3:30pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

Thursday, Aug 12

  • FREE PLAY Competition - Late Night w/ DG featuring HIP HOP Night with Adam Oam @ 6pm PST (1am - 2am UTC) with $400+ USD in prizes
    👉  RSVP | Hop in

Friday, Aug 13

  • FREE Play Casino Competition Asia/Australia with DJ Performance by DJ Raedo, featuring $400+ USD in prizes @ 1pm UTC / 9am EST
    👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Immerse with Pop RoXxX - With song requests, engaging live entertainment, and FREE PLAY competition featuring $400+ USD in prizes @ 8pm UTC / 4pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • Crypto Casino Night - High Tech, with DJ performance by Nicholas Armond, featuring an 12.9” 256GB Unlocked Wi-Fi/Cellular iPad Pro and $DG prizes @ 9pm UTC / 5pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

Saturday, Aug 14

  • Minimints' Launch Party and Showcase, featuring $400+ USD in prizes @ 8pm UTC / 4pm EST 👉 RSVP | Hop in

  • FREE PLAY Casino Night - Noche De Casino - Paraguay @ 10pm UTC / 6pm EST, featuring $400+ USD in prizes 👉  RSVP | Hop in

    👉 Check our events page for easy access to upcoming events!

💻 Development Focus

This week, the Decentral Games development team is working on:

  • Deploy new FREE Play accrual and competition logic

  • MANA and DAI crypto poker

  • New sleek DAO Dashboard

  • Development of Play-to-Earn gameplay

About Decentral Games

Decentral Games is a metaverse-native gaming DAO building play-to-earn poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. DG hodlers vote on treasury management, economic policy, and development to grow and strengthen the Decentral Games ecosystem.

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